Tomato plants, seedlings, and plugs

Black Cherry Tomato

Small pile of cherry tomatoes with one cut open revealing the inner purple flesh.
Lovely deep purple color makes for an interesting cherry tomato.
  • Heirloom with rich mahogany or purple color
  • Productive – Many 1-1.5” fruits grow in dense clusters
  • Very sweet!

Cherokee Purple Tomato

Basket full of large ripe tomatoes
Wonderful, plump, and juicy heirloom.
  • Wonderful multi shaded fruit with hues of red, pink, and purple.
  • Sweet taste great for sandwiches and salads.
  • Taste test winner at many competitions throughout the country

Red Brandywine Tomato

Large brandywine style tomato.
Who wouldn’t want a slice of this on a sandwich?
  • Flavorful, not acidic, great for eating fresh!
  • Large, lobed, and beefsteak like
  • Due to large fruits must have some form of support (steak, cage, or trellis)

Tomato – Beefsteak

Pile of large, ripe tomatoes.
Beefsteak – A summer staple
  • Large and juicy
  • Perfect for fresh eating
  • Great for burgers, sandwiches, and salsa

Tomato – Cherry Baby Hybrid

wire basket full of cherry tomatoes.
Abundance of cherry tomatoes, yes please!
  • Very productive – up to 350 cherry tomatoes in a season!
  • Very sweet and juicy!
  • Indeterminate variety (fruits all season)

Not quite a tomato but….

Toma Verde Tomatillo

Tomatillos with split husks still on.
Ready for salsa verde
  • Early variety
  • Exceptionally sweet for a tomatillo
  • Sprawling plant requires staking or caging
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