Making a Batch of Fruit Wine – Part 2 – Secondary Fermentation

One week after starting the batch of wine, I transferred the wine out of the primary fermenter (large bucket) to a one gallon glass jug (carboy or secondary fermenter) with a lid and airlock, leaving behind fruit and dead yeast sludge.  At this point it’s time for the secondary fermentation.     The secondary fermentation is notContinue reading “Making a Batch of Fruit Wine – Part 2 – Secondary Fermentation”

Making a Batch of Fruit Wine

I just started making fruit wine a little over a year ago.  It was actually on memorial day weekend of 2019 that I started.  I just started my 4th batch of wine, and for the first time ever I’ve got 2 batches going at the same time (I’m not counting bottle aging in this).  IContinue reading “Making a Batch of Fruit Wine”