Book Review: Back to Eden: Landscaping with Native Plants

Back to Eden: Landscaping with Native Plants by Frank W. Porter is a great introduction to using native plants in the landscape.  It touches on several topics relating to landscaping and native plants that you would expect, and several that surprised me. The book starts with the “whys” of landscaping with native plants.  From havingContinue reading “Book Review: Back to Eden: Landscaping with Native Plants”

Native Plant Spotlight – Flowering Dogwood

Flowering Dogwood is another brilliant tree that defines the spring landscape in Western PA.  There are several cultivars, most of which have white flowers but there are several that bloom in pink.   At maturity Cornus Florida (dogwood) tops out at about 33 feet.  The mature trunk is about a foot wide and the canopy canContinue reading “Native Plant Spotlight – Flowering Dogwood”

Native Plant Spotlight-Eastern Redbud

Redbud, Eastern Redbud, or Cercis Canadensis is a wonderful spring blooming tree that lights up the Pennsylvania landscape every year in late March and early April.  The flowers range from magenta, to pink, to purplish lavender.   The show does not let up in the spring.  Large heart shaped leaves are an exotic treat in theContinue reading “Native Plant Spotlight-Eastern Redbud”

Easy Gardening Skill – Air Layer Propagation

Today we’re looking at another form of asexual propagation, air layer propagation.  We’ve already talked about propagation through cuttings, and this is similar in that when we are done, we’ll have genetically identical clones of the plant we started out with.  This is my first time doing it, but it seems pretty simple, although I’mContinue reading “Easy Gardening Skill – Air Layer Propagation”

South Hills Hidden Secret – Pleasant Hills Arboretum

I grew up in the South Hills and moved back over 10 years ago.  In all of that time, I had never been to the Pleasant Hills Arboretum until last year.  Now that I know about it, it has become a great and close escape for our family to take a tranquil walk through nature,Continue reading “South Hills Hidden Secret – Pleasant Hills Arboretum”

Gardening Organizations and Destinations in the Pittsburgh Region

In Pittsburgh and Southwestern PA, we are fortunate to have many gardening and environmental resources and groups.  I am sure that this list is not exhaustive or complete, but all of these organizations are incredibly awesome and worth knowing about. Some of these selections might be obvious for people from Pittsburgh, but I can’t imagineContinue reading “Gardening Organizations and Destinations in the Pittsburgh Region”