Native Plant Spotlight – Rudbeckia

Rudbeckia, or Black Eyed Susan, is a common ornamental garden flower.  It is a perennial nativet that requires little maintenance and adds great color and shape to any flower garden.   Rudbeckia is easy to get started either from seedlings or seeds.  I tossed seed heads from spend flowers into an area I had covered inContinue reading “Native Plant Spotlight – Rudbeckia”

Natvie Plant Spotlight – Bee Balm or Monarda

Sticking with the flowering natives we’ve been talking about, this week is one of my favorites!  Bee Balm, or Monarda,  is an excellent plant for many reasons.  Few plants can beat it for its striking beauty, its importance to wildlife, its fragrance, and its tall upright form. Bee Balm is a perennial that has manyContinue reading “Natvie Plant Spotlight – Bee Balm or Monarda”

Native Plant Spotlight – New England Aster

This is installment number 2 in our native plant spotlight series.  Native plants have many benefits over exotic or non-native plants.  That’s not to say that there isn’t a place for exotics in the garden.  Exotics can bring beauty, utility, and positive ecological benefit, but natives really help the local ecological community.  The Pennsylvania DepartmentContinue reading “Native Plant Spotlight – New England Aster”

Native Plant Spotlight – Purple Coneflower

Native to North America, Purple Coneflower, or Echinacea is a great addition to any garden.  This plant is great for pollinators, as a food-source for wildlife, and is drought tolerant and deer resistant.   I have a row of this hearty perennial along my driveway.  It is very low maintenance.  Some weeks grow between them, mostlyContinue reading “Native Plant Spotlight – Purple Coneflower”