Gardening Resources: Cheap or Free

Gardening can be a very expensive hobby.  Between buying soil, plants, containers, compost, mulch, supports, tools, and other gardening needs and wants gardeners end up spending a boatload.  Some years I think I spent way more money on growing food than I would have spent if I just bought the food at the supermarket (theContinue reading “Gardening Resources: Cheap or Free”

Easy Gardening Skill – Air Layer Propagation

Today we’re looking at another form of asexual propagation, air layer propagation.  We’ve already talked about propagation through cuttings, and this is similar in that when we are done, we’ll have genetically identical clones of the plant we started out with.  This is my first time doing it, but it seems pretty simple, although I’mContinue reading “Easy Gardening Skill – Air Layer Propagation”

Easy Gardening Skill – How to Propagate Your Plants Through Cutting

There are two basic ways that plants can be propagated.  Sexually and Asexually.  Sexually is through seeds.  Asexually involves several other ways, such as cutting, grafting, layering, division, and a few other methods.  Propagation through cuttings is an inexpensive way to create clones of a plant you already have.  What do you need to propagateContinue reading “Easy Gardening Skill – How to Propagate Your Plants Through Cutting”