Book Review: Back to Eden: Landscaping with Native Plants

Back to Eden: Landscaping with Native Plants by Frank W. Porter is a great introduction to using native plants in the landscape.  It touches on several topics relating to landscaping and native plants that you would expect, and several that surprised me. The book starts with the “whys” of landscaping with native plants.  From havingContinue reading “Book Review: Back to Eden: Landscaping with Native Plants”

Native Plant Spotlight-Eastern Redbud

Redbud, Eastern Redbud, or Cercis Canadensis is a wonderful spring blooming tree that lights up the Pennsylvania landscape every year in late March and early April.  The flowers range from magenta, to pink, to purplish lavender.   The show does not let up in the spring.  Large heart shaped leaves are an exotic treat in theContinue reading “Native Plant Spotlight-Eastern Redbud”

Native Plant Spotlight – Mountain Laurel (or Spoonwood, or Kalmia Latifolia)

I can’t believe it’s taken this long to get to Pennsylvania’s state flower.  But to tell you the truth, I’m not super familiar with Mountain Laurel, or Kalmia Latifolia.  I know it’s Pennsylvania’s state flower, but that’s about it.  This is a learning experience for me as well.   Mountain Laurel does not belong to PennsylvniaContinue reading “Native Plant Spotlight – Mountain Laurel (or Spoonwood, or Kalmia Latifolia)”

Native Plant Spotlight- Columbine

Red Columbines, or Aquilegia Canadensis (or Candadian Columbines), are a perennial that we found growing wildly in our yard without planting them.  When they sprouted up, I saw interesting foliage and decided to see what it was before calling it a weed and yanking it out.  When the flower opened, it looked familiar, and itContinue reading “Native Plant Spotlight- Columbine”