Nursery/Garden Update Sept 3rd

This is my favorite time of year.  No, not because of pumpkin spice, but yes because of spice.  We’ve been rolling in peppers!  I’ve been runny nosed and teary eyed at every meal, not because of Covid or anything like that, but rather from habaneros, jalapenos, thai dragons, and all kinds of spicy treats.  MyContinue reading “Nursery/Garden Update Sept 3rd”

Capturar un lugar por los sabores

En este mundo de migración cada vez más común, los inmigrantes con frecuencia busca manera de capturar o duplicar los sabores de su país de origen. Hay leyendas acá en Estados Unidos de la abuela Italiana que trajo una rama de su higo preferido al mundo nuevo y ahora cosecha la misma fruta.  Tener unContinue reading “Capturar un lugar por los sabores”

Capturing a place, or a flavor

Gardeners have been doing it for centuries.  Trying to capture the flavors of the places they love by growing the produce from that region.  We’ve all heard stories about the Italian grandmother who brought over a branch from her favorite fig tree and propagated it here in the new world.  We have the same kindContinue reading “Capturing a place, or a flavor”