Book Review – Good Bug, Bad Bug by Jessica Walliser

Good Bug, Bad Bug: Who’s who, what they do, and how to manage them organically (all you need to know about insects in your garden) by Jessica Walliser is a handy reference guide to common insects that you may encounter in your garden.  While the title is a mouthful, the book itself is quite compactContinue reading “Book Review – Good Bug, Bad Bug by Jessica Walliser”

Simple Organic Solution to a Common Garden Pest

It seems like Japanese Beetles love Zinnias as much as I do. Every year that I grow zinnias they show up in bulk on them, leaving the leaves full of holes. The good news is, at this stage the beetles are easily taken care of. All you need is some soapy water and a pairContinue reading “Simple Organic Solution to a Common Garden Pest”