2022 Plant Sale – Now concluded!

Our 2022 Plant sale is now over. Thank you for your support and we look forward to offering many new plants next year! We now have plants ready for sale.  Right now we only recommend you buy cold hardy plants, unless you have a cold frame or other way to keep tender plants, like tomatoes,Continue reading “2022 Plant Sale – Now concluded!”

Spring Seedling Sale 2021 – Check out our offerings!

We are pleased to announce that these will be the offerings for our 2021 Spring seedling sale.  We won’t officially be selling these seedlings until Saturday May 8th, they still have some growing to do, but we do want to put them on your radar.    All of the plants listed we grew either fromContinue reading “Spring Seedling Sale 2021 – Check out our offerings!”

Capturar un lugar por los sabores

En este mundo de migración cada vez más común, los inmigrantes con frecuencia busca manera de capturar o duplicar los sabores de su país de origen. Hay leyendas acá en Estados Unidos de la abuela Italiana que trajo una rama de su higo preferido al mundo nuevo y ahora cosecha la misma fruta.  Tener unContinue reading “Capturar un lugar por los sabores”

The clock is ticking, what do you do?

I love growing cilantro.  Well, I love part of it, but I hate it when it bolts. If you’re not familiar with growing cilantro, “bolting” is when the cilantro flowers, and it changes the leaves’ texture and taste, and pretty much renders it disgusting to eat.  Not all is lost.  The seeds can be harvested,Continue reading “The clock is ticking, what do you do?”

Capturing a place, or a flavor

Gardeners have been doing it for centuries.  Trying to capture the flavors of the places they love by growing the produce from that region.  We’ve all heard stories about the Italian grandmother who brought over a branch from her favorite fig tree and propagated it here in the new world.  We have the same kindContinue reading “Capturing a place, or a flavor”