Pepper Pruning

There are two camps of pepper growers out there, those that prune and those that do not.  I fall into the “do not prune” group, with a couple of exceptions.   Peppers (and tomatoes and eggplants) can be pruned to become more bushy and less upright.  Some growers say this increases yield.  I don’t disagree orContinue reading “Pepper Pruning”

Resource – My Favorite Gardening Youtube Channels

Here are a few gardening channels from Youtube that I find useful, practical, and informative.  There are many other great channels out there that I’m probably leaving out, but these are the ones that I come back to time and time again when I want to learn or review something.   The Gardening Channel With JamesContinue reading “Resource – My Favorite Gardening Youtube Channels”

Homemade Hot Sauce

With a wealth of homegrown cayenne peppers, I decided the best thing to do with them would be to make hot sauce.  I’ve never made hot sauce before, and I’ve also never canned anything before, so I bought a couple of canning jars and figured this would be a good way to learn the canningContinue reading “Homemade Hot Sauce”

Easy Gardening Skill – How to Propagate Your Plants Through Cutting

There are two basic ways that plants can be propagated.  Sexually and Asexually.  Sexually is through seeds.  Asexually involves several other ways, such as cutting, grafting, layering, division, and a few other methods.  Propagation through cuttings is an inexpensive way to create clones of a plant you already have.  What do you need to propagateContinue reading “Easy Gardening Skill – How to Propagate Your Plants Through Cutting”