¿Qué hacer con una abundancia de ajíes?

Este año tenemos el maravilloso problema de tener demasiados ajíes. ¡Sí, yo sé, pobre nosotros!  Pero, los he cultivado de semilla, he cuidado las plantas, y quiero utilizarlos bien. He dado unos ajíes a familia, vecinos, y amigos, pero, la mayoría de ellos tienen sus propias plantas que obtuvieron de nuestro vivero, así que tienenContinue reading “¿Qué hacer con una abundancia de ajíes?”

Pepper Pruning

There are two camps of pepper growers out there, those that prune and those that do not.  I fall into the “do not prune” group, with a couple of exceptions.   Peppers (and tomatoes and eggplants) can be pruned to become more bushy and less upright.  Some growers say this increases yield.  I don’t disagree orContinue reading “Pepper Pruning”

Spring Seedling Sale 2021 – Check out our offerings!

We are pleased to announce that these will be the offerings for our 2021 Spring seedling sale.  We won’t officially be selling these seedlings until Saturday May 8th, they still have some growing to do, but we do want to put them on your radar.    All of the plants listed we grew either fromContinue reading “Spring Seedling Sale 2021 – Check out our offerings!”