Sping 2021 Seedling Sale

As of May 24th, 2021 We are out of all of our 2021 Veggie seedling starts. Come back in the fall when we will be selling perennials and trees. Thank you for an awesome start to the summer growing season!

All of our homegrown seedlings have been transitioned from our garage to our greenhouse and have been inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi to help them grow. Grown with care and love, plus with many varieties you will not find in a big box store. These are the plants that we grew or propagated right on our property. We may also have offerings that we buy wholesale from other nurseries (such as cranberries, arborvitae, and more).

Our sale will go live on Saturday May 8th. We will deliver orders to the South Hills, or you can stop by to pick up. We can invoice through Paypal, Venmo, or we take cash. We’ll also keep this website up to date with community events where we will be present. Email scott@meneelyfarms.com or call 412-715-1469 to order.


We have many peppers. Sweet, hot, and in between. No matter your spice level or color preference, we’ve got you! All pepper seedlings are $4.00. First 10 peppers sold get a free Carolina Reaper plant (not for sale) with the order (as of 5/16/2021 Carolina Reapers are gone)!

Aji Charapita Sold Out

Displays small yellow peppers with long stems.
Aji Charapita – Rare pepper from Peru
  • Scoville Heat Units: 30,000-50,000
  • Good heat, fresh citrusy flavor
  • Grows wild in Peru where it is often crushed with a spoon into a pot of beans or soup
  • Lots of small fruit, slightly larger than a pea

West Indies Red Habanero

Red peppers still on the plant
Red hot chili peppers, not the band!
  • Scoville Heat Units – 100,000-300,000 (very hot!)
  • Lots of heat, but lots of flavor too.  Sweet citrusy flavor.
  • Popular in Carribean and Yucatan Peninsula.
  • Great in salsas, hot sauce, spicy salads, and more!

Mixed Color Grand Bell Peppers

Colorful assortment of bell peppers includes red, orange, yellow, purple, and white.
Bell peppers are great in anything!
  • Sweet Bell Peppers – No heat (0 SHU)
  • Variety of colors – Red, yellow, orange, purple, brown, green
  • Start harvesting around 80 days after transplanting

Jalapeno Early

Jalapenos piled up on top of eath other.
Classic hot pepper!
  • Scoville Heat Units:  2,500-8000
  • Spicy, but not super spicy.  Nice bright and grassy flavor.  Good fresh, pickled, or cooked (like jalapeño poppers).  When allowed to mature to red the flavor is not as grassy and much sweeter.
  • Chipotles are jalapeño that have matured to red and are then dried.

Jalapano – Tam (Milder variety)

  • Tam is a milder variety of an already mild hot pepper.  Heat tops out around 3,500 Scoville Heat Units
  • Same bright flavor as traditional Jalapeño, less heat.  
  • Great for mild salsas, cooking, or garnishing a dish with the just right amount of heat. 


Circle of habanada peppers, all orange on the outside with 3 green peppers in the center of the circle.
All the great flavor of a habanero, but this one is for the faint of heart.
  • Hybrid with the sweet citrusy flavor but none of the heat of a habanero
  • Great replacement to make mild salsas, ceviches, salads, etc.
  • Crisp thin skin great for eating raw or cooked


This year we will be offering 3 varieties of tomatoes. All tomato seedlings are $4.00.


Large, red tomatoes.
What would a burger be without a slice of this?
  • Large and juicy
  • Perfect for fresh eating
  • Great for burgers, sandwiches, and salsa

Early Treat Hybrid Sold Out

Shows seed packet for early treat hybrid tomato.
For those who can’t wait for the first tomato from the garden!
  • Extra Early (average 49 days from transplant to harvest)!
  • Deep red 4 oz fruits
  • Indeterminate (fruits all season until frost)

Cherry Baby Hybrid

Basket full of small red tomatoes!
Irresistable cherry tomatoes!
  • Very productive – up to 350 cherry tomatoes in a season!
  • Very sweet and juicy!
  • Indeterminate variety (fruits all season)


We proudly offer our homegrown herbs for your culinary, medicinal, and aromatic uses. Our herb seedlings are $3.00.

Basil – Genovese Sold Out

Leafy green basil.
Whose ready for pesto?
  • Italian variety
  • Dark, tender, aromatic leaves
  • Great in pesto or caprese salad

Thai Sweet Basil Sold Out

Thai basis green leaves with purple flowers.
Ornamental as well as culinary, thai basil is great in curries and on flower bed borders!
  • Sweet and spicy with notes of anise and licorice 
  • More heat tolerant than other varieties (won’t blacken and wilt)
  • Small narrow leaves with purple stem

Slo Bolt Cilantro Sold Out

Cilantro on cutting board.  Can you smell it?
Yummy – I know there are people who are not fans of cilantro, but we love it in our house!
  • Slower to bolt or flower than traditional cilantro.
  • Excellent fresh flavor.
  • Can also toast and grind seeds to use as the spice coriander.
  • Great in salsas, salads, marinades, and more!

Perrenial Herbs

Lemon Thyme

Photo of upright thyme stalks.
Thyme is a great perennial plant that is low maintenance and very flavorful.
  • Great thyme flavor with a twist of lemon
  • Excellent in Middle Eastern and Caribbean cooking
  • Hardy – you can harvest well beyond your first frost
  • Comes back in early spring

Munstead Lavender

Hedge row of blooming lavender.  Bluish purple blossoms.
Can you smell this lavender? I feel relaxed just looking at the photo!
  • Vigorous growth with fragrant blooms that attract pollinators
  • Very cold hardy lavender variety
  • Great for a lavender hedge

Additional items

Grow bags – We have 10 gallon potato grow bags and 7 gallon bags. Great options for container gardens. Cloth bags drain well and help roots to air prune. You can control all of the growing conditions and garden in small spaces. Our 10 gallon bags are for potatoes and have a velcro window for harvesting and handles to carry the bag. 7 gallon bags do not have the window but do have handles for transporting. 10 gallon bags are $6 or 3 for $15. 7 gallon bags are $5 or 3 for $12 Sold Out.

A look at our 10 gallon grow bags

Grow lights – LED lights with red, blue, or red and blue light. Adjustable timer. 3 flexible prongs. Buying in person $18.00.

Grow lights above seedling.
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