South Hills Gardening Resources Directory

This is an in-progress list of gardening resources in the South Hills.  I am trying to be as complete and thorough as possible, but I am sure I will miss many things.  Please contact me to add any local nurseries, garden attractions, or other pertinent local organizations or businesses that I missed.  Thank you!


While I hope our growing nursery can meet more and more of your needs, there are many great nursery businesses in the South Hills that can meet your needs and much more.  I personally have shopped at many of these nurseries, and beyond having great selections, they are incredibly fun places to shop and explore!  

Trax Farms and Market –  If you’re going to Trax, prepare to spend some time because there are a lot of things to explore.  Trax has a nursery/garden store, but so much more!  They have a home store, a cider store, a winery, an antique store,  and a full grocery store, plus more all in one location.  They also have a great fall festival complete with hay rides, attractions, pumpkin picking, and tons of fun.  

Chapon’s Greenhouse – Chapons has a great selection of plants ranging from annuals, perennials, shrubs, bonsai, orchids, and more.  They also have bulk material and delivery on things like soil, mulch, and other gardening supplies.  Chapon’s services include landscape design and installation.    

Meder’s Garden Center – Meaders has great plant selection throughout the year.  They have a great selection of water garden supplies.  They also have flags and decorations for all seasons. 

Martin’s Flowers and Shrubs – Martin’s has a great selection of plant materials.  They also carry pet supplies and wildlife feed.     

Jim Jenkins Lawn and Garden Center –  I’ve got a confession, I have not been to Jim Jenkins Lawn and Garden Center during the growing season.  I’ve always wanted to, and it looks great, but I’ve just never had the opportunity.  I did buy a Christmas tree there one year, and it looked like a great place.  I commit, this year I will visit and will update.  

Dupree’s Root 88 Garden Center and Florist –  Dupree’s is another great nursery with amazing plants.  I’ve bought very nice and healthy perennials here before and they are still coming back every year.  There is also a farm stand across the street, so if you’re heading to this part of route 88 pick up some plants and some produce.  Dupree’s also does floral arrangements for weddings and events.  

Jimmy Pickles Products Isolated Pepper Seeds – Jimmy Pickles is a South Hills local who sells rare pepper seeds.  He keeps his pepper varieties under mosquito netting to avoid cross pollination.  He sells many awesome varieties that you can’t get anywhere else.  In 2022 I will be growing several varieties that I ordered from Jimmy.  

Meneely Farms – We are small, don’t have a retail site, and at this point are only doing a spring sale.  But we do bring passion, knowledge, and healthy plants propagated with love.  Also, even though we might not carry certain things we are happy to direct you towards other local resources.  Reach out to us with any questions you have!  

South Hills Garden Attractions

Pleasant Hills Arboretum – I’ve written about the Pleasant Hills Arboretum before, I love the place!  Trails, marked trees, and a pavilion aren’t all the arboretum has to offer.  The Pleasant Hills Library maintains a Story Hike, a story book with stations for each page along the hike. It’s a great way to enjoy a book with the kids in the great outdoors.  The library also does occasional outdoor storytimes during the summer.  There is also a Little Free Library in the parking lot.  The Pleasant Hills Arboretum isn’t just this, it also has secluded places with benches, shady trails, a meadow, and much more.   

South Park Demonstration Garden – As I wrote about recently, this is a great model garden for the gardening enthusiast.  There is parking right there and you will be withing walking distance of Corrigan drive and many other trails and features of South Park.  Located on the corner of Corrigan and McKonkey, an expansive demonstration garden from the Penn State Extension.  

Round Hill Park – Featuring an exhibit farm and garden, Round Hill Park/Farm is a great experience for little kids.  Farm animals include pigs, sheep, chickens, retired police horses, and more.  The park also has picnic areas, playgrounds, walking trails, a spray park, and much more.   


Option Supply – Hardware, fertilizer, mulch, lawn seed, and much more.  Option also delivers.   

George’s Supply Center – Need compost, mulch, topsoil, or decorative stone?  Give George’s a call.  They Deliver.  


Triple B Farms – My family and I love Triple B Farms in Monongahela.  Triple B’s Fall Festival is just great.  You pay for an admission wristband that gets you access to most of the attractions.  There are two large corn mazes, a pumpkin patch, apple picking, two big slides, jumping areas for kids, animals, and much more!  Triple B’s greatness goes beyond just the fall festival. Triple B has various harvests through the growing seasons, from strawberries in the spring though until apples in the fall.  Flowers and different kinds of berries fall in between!  Triple B has a great farm store that offers produce and related items. Apple butters, preserves, cider, and much more.  

Trax FarmTrax was listed before as a nursery, and it is, plus much more, including a farm.  Trax offers pick your own throughout the season, starting with strawberries in the spring.  Trax has a great fall festival!

Simmons Farm – Simmons offers a great fall festival and has great on site attractions, including a hay maze, a fun playground, and a farm shop. They also have a market on Route 19, where you can stop to get great seasonal produce.     

I’ve written about these farms before.  Here is a link.  

Local foods/Produce 

Jefferson Hills Honey – hey sell great quality honey and bees from their home right off of Route 51.  You can see the hives your honey comes from, and the honey is very delicious.  I have used it to make very delicious mead. They also sell hives and bees, if you are interested in getting into the apiary game.   

Arboretum Trail Brewing Company – See Pleasant Hills Arboretum under South Hills Garden Attractions – Arboretum Trail Brewing Company makes delicious beer.  You can buy there beer at Duffy’s Beer and Much More.  

Home Brewing

Duffy’s Beer and Much More – Beyond having an incredible selection of beer, Duffy’s has all of the beer and winemaking supplies you could ever need.  Carboys, yeast, hops; it’s all there!  

Community Gardens

South Hills Interfaith Movement Garden at Hamilton Prebyterian ChurchSouth Hills Interfaith Movement (SHIM) is an amazing organization that helps so many people in so many ways. From re-settling refugees to providing food for those in need, it is fantastic to see so many faith based groups working to better life for people in our community. They also have an amazing community garden!

Pittsburgh and South Hills Gardening Data

USDA Hardiness Zone: 6B

USDA Hardiness Zone Finder

Average last frost: May 15 Average first frost: October 15 (According to Phipps Conservatory)

Growing season 178 days

Phipps Western PA Calendar for Starting Seeds

Agricultural Extension Agency: Penn State Extension

Other resource guides from this website:

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