Resources for Gardeners, Landscapers and more!

Here at Meneely Farms we don’t only want to serve your plant needs, we also want to serve you by connecting you with great local resources in the South Hills and Pittsburgh area. All of these resource lists are constantly growing, so if you feel there is something one of these lists is missing, please contact us and we’ll be happy to add it!

South Hills Gardening Resource Directory – A list of nurseries, farms, supply stores, gardening information, and more. Includes other pertinent info like hardiness zones, first and last frost dates, and more.

Employment opportunities in Pittsburgh – A list of companies that hire landscapers, horticulturists, florists, and other “green professionals” in the Western PA region.

Horticultural Education – Do you want a formal education in horticulture or landscape design? Or would you like to take a simple gardening course or volunteer? Take a look at the resources we’ve compiled in our Horticulture Education list.

Recursos en Español

Recursos para jardineros en los South Hills de Pittsburgh – Negocios y recursos como: Viveros, granjas, abastos, y más!

Oportunidades para empleo en Pittsburgh– Una lista de compañias que contratan personas como horticultores, paisajistas, y más en la región de Pittsburgh.

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