Making a Batch of Fruit Wine – Part 2 – Secondary Fermentation

One week after starting the batch of wine, I transferred the wine out of the primary fermenter (large bucket) to a one gallon glass jug (carboy or secondary fermenter) with a lid and airlock, leaving behind fruit and dead yeast sludge.  At this point it’s time for the secondary fermentation.     The secondary fermentation is notContinue reading “Making a Batch of Fruit Wine – Part 2 – Secondary Fermentation”

Vino de fruta casero

Hacer vino en casa es un pasatiempo que tiene muchas recompensas.  La mejor recompensa es compartir el vino entre amigos, pero hay otras también.   Hacer vino es una buena manera emplear las frutas cultivadas en su huerto, o comprados en los mercados locales.  Claro, se puede usar cualquier fruta fresca, congelada, o jugo.  Pero esContinue reading “Vino de fruta casero”

Making a Batch of Fruit Wine

I just started making fruit wine a little over a year ago.  It was actually on memorial day weekend of 2019 that I started.  I just started my 4th batch of wine, and for the first time ever I’ve got 2 batches going at the same time (I’m not counting bottle aging in this).  IContinue reading “Making a Batch of Fruit Wine”