Winter Book Review Series 2021-2021

Stuck inside thinking about getting out into the garden?  Here at Meneely farms we’re in the same predicament.  While we can’t get into the garden as much as we  like right now, not all is lost.  Winter is a great time to gain knowledge, prepare for the next season, and enjoy garden fantasies. Reading gardening/permaculture/growingContinue reading “Winter Book Review Series 2021-2021”

Easy Gardening Skill – Heeling in bare root trees (or, what to do with trees you can’t plant)

I just came across a situation where I got some bare root trees in Pittsburgh in early January.  When you renew membership with the arbor day foundation you have the option of getting 10 free trees, which I always take.  Usually you get the trees in either fall or spring, but for whatever reason mineContinue reading “Easy Gardening Skill – Heeling in bare root trees (or, what to do with trees you can’t plant)”

My Favorite Gardening Books

I love to read about gardening.  Especially in the winter when I’m itching to get outside.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have read several really informative gardening books and have encountered gardening philosophies that are vastly diverse.  My approach is an amalgamation of everything I’ve read, tried to apply and adjust to my circumstances, andContinue reading “My Favorite Gardening Books”

Natvie Plant Spotlight – Bee Balm or Monarda

Sticking with the flowering natives we’ve been talking about, this week is one of my favorites!  Bee Balm, or Monarda,  is an excellent plant for many reasons.  Few plants can beat it for its striking beauty, its importance to wildlife, its fragrance, and its tall upright form. Bee Balm is a perennial that has manyContinue reading “Natvie Plant Spotlight – Bee Balm or Monarda”

Weekly Nursery Update – June 5

This week we had an issue when I noticed one of our pepper plants had small black bugs on it.  I’m not 100% sure what they are, but they may be black aphids (I’ve seen white aphids bushes before).  They could have been pepper weevil larvae too, but I’m not certain.  They were pretty small,Continue reading “Weekly Nursery Update – June 5”

Favorite Gardening Resources – Podcasts

This is a list of podcasts that I particularly love listening to about gardening.  I know there have to be plenty more, so please share them with me!  I’m always looking for something good to listen to while working.   The Joe Gardener Show– Joe Lampl from the PBS show Growing a Greener World has aContinue reading “Favorite Gardening Resources – Podcasts”

Three Great Farms in the South Hills

We are very fortunately located near three farms that offer multi-season harvests, entertainment, and fresh produce.  All three also have great fall festivals, and you can find produce from each farm at different vendors.   My personal favorite of the local farms is Triple B Farms in Monongahela.  Triple B’s Fall Festival is just great.  YouContinue reading “Three Great Farms in the South Hills”

Book Review Wild Wine Making by Richard W. Bender

I started my first batch of wine about a year ago after reading several books, collecting the necessary equipment, and deciding what I wanted my method/philosophy to be.  I started making wine for several reasons.   First of all, I like drinking wine. It’s delicious, and I love to think of the fruit, time, and attentionContinue reading “Book Review Wild Wine Making by Richard W. Bender”