Book Review: Garden Secrets for Attracting Birds: A Bird-by-Bird Guide to Favored Plants by Rachel Lanicci

I almost didn’t get to this book from the large stack of books I checked out of the library, but I’m glad I did.  Garden Secrets for Attracting Birds: A Bird-by-Bird Guide to Favored Plants by Rachael Lanicci is an excellent resource for gardeners wishing to bring birds into their garden.  It is organized, informative,Continue reading “Book Review: Garden Secrets for Attracting Birds: A Bird-by-Bird Guide to Favored Plants by Rachel Lanicci”

Nursery Update – Week of 3/26/2021

We have not done business updates in quite a while, but now that the weather is changing and the growing season is underway, we’ll be providing more regular updates! We also hope to see you out in the community in the months to come!  Right now we’ve got a lot of edible seedlings sprouted.  WeContinue reading “Nursery Update – Week of 3/26/2021”

Book Review – Deer-Resistant Native Plants for the Northeast

Here in Western Pennsylvania, gardeners face an enormous problem.  It’s a problem that can easily kill or ruin plants that gardeners have put lots of time and money into.  I have personal experience with this nuisance.  One year I planted 75 tulip bulbs in the fall and the following spring only about 5 tulips showedContinue reading “Book Review – Deer-Resistant Native Plants for the Northeast”

Book Review: Back to Eden: Landscaping with Native Plants

Back to Eden: Landscaping with Native Plants by Frank W. Porter is a great introduction to using native plants in the landscape.  It touches on several topics relating to landscaping and native plants that you would expect, and several that surprised me. The book starts with the “whys” of landscaping with native plants.  From havingContinue reading “Book Review: Back to Eden: Landscaping with Native Plants”

Native Plant Spotlight – Flowering Dogwood

Flowering Dogwood is another brilliant tree that defines the spring landscape in Western PA.  There are several cultivars, most of which have white flowers but there are several that bloom in pink.   At maturity Cornus Florida (dogwood) tops out at about 33 feet.  The mature trunk is about a foot wide and the canopy canContinue reading “Native Plant Spotlight – Flowering Dogwood”

Native Plant Spotlight-Eastern Redbud

Redbud, Eastern Redbud, or Cercis Canadensis is a wonderful spring blooming tree that lights up the Pennsylvania landscape every year in late March and early April.  The flowers range from magenta, to pink, to purplish lavender.   The show does not let up in the spring.  Large heart shaped leaves are an exotic treat in theContinue reading “Native Plant Spotlight-Eastern Redbud”

Native Plant Spotlight – Rudbeckia

Rudbeckia, or Black Eyed Susan, is a common ornamental garden flower.  It is a perennial nativet that requires little maintenance and adds great color and shape to any flower garden.   Rudbeckia is easy to get started either from seedlings or seeds.  I tossed seed heads from spend flowers into an area I had covered inContinue reading “Native Plant Spotlight – Rudbeckia”

Native Plant Spotlight – Jerusalem Artichoke

This Pennsylvania Native is not from Jerusalem, nor is it an artichoke.  It is, however, a lovely perennial with edible tubers. Sometimes referred to as a sunchoke its scientific name is Helianthus Tuberosus.  The flowers strongly resemble sunflowers, or another PA native, the Ox-Eye Sunflower.  It’s a great addition to those aiming for an edibleContinue reading “Native Plant Spotlight – Jerusalem Artichoke”

Native Plant Spotlight – Mountain Laurel (or Spoonwood, or Kalmia Latifolia)

I can’t believe it’s taken this long to get to Pennsylvania’s state flower.  But to tell you the truth, I’m not super familiar with Mountain Laurel, or Kalmia Latifolia.  I know it’s Pennsylvania’s state flower, but that’s about it.  This is a learning experience for me as well.   Mountain Laurel does not belong to PennsylvniaContinue reading “Native Plant Spotlight – Mountain Laurel (or Spoonwood, or Kalmia Latifolia)”

Natvie Plant Spotlight – Bee Balm or Monarda

Sticking with the flowering natives we’ve been talking about, this week is one of my favorites!  Bee Balm, or Monarda,  is an excellent plant for many reasons.  Few plants can beat it for its striking beauty, its importance to wildlife, its fragrance, and its tall upright form. Bee Balm is a perennial that has manyContinue reading “Natvie Plant Spotlight – Bee Balm or Monarda”