Book Review (Double) Teaming with Microbes and Teaming with Fungi

Teaming with Microbes:  The Organic Growers Guide to the Soil Food Web by Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis and Teaming with Fungi:  The Organic Growers Guide to Mycorrhizae by Lowenfels alone are two must reads for the modern gardener. Incredibly well researched, these books provide an extensive overview of soil food webs and microbial life,Continue reading “Book Review (Double) Teaming with Microbes and Teaming with Fungi”

Resource – My Favorite Gardening Youtube Channels

Here are a few gardening channels from Youtube that I find useful, practical, and informative.  There are many other great channels out there that I’m probably leaving out, but these are the ones that I come back to time and time again when I want to learn or review something.   The Gardening Channel With JamesContinue reading “Resource – My Favorite Gardening Youtube Channels”

Product Review – Back to the Roots Mushroom Farm

First the disclaimer.  I am in no way affiliated with Back to the Roots or their products and I’m not making money through this review.  I’ve been curious about these kits for some time and have really wanted to try it.  Finally, a couple weeks ago I picked up a kit, and it delivered!  WithContinue reading “Product Review – Back to the Roots Mushroom Farm”

Gardening Resources: Cheap or Free

Gardening can be a very expensive hobby.  Between buying soil, plants, containers, compost, mulch, supports, tools, and other gardening needs and wants gardeners end up spending a boatload.  Some years I think I spent way more money on growing food than I would have spent if I just bought the food at the supermarket (theContinue reading “Gardening Resources: Cheap or Free”

¿Cómo hacer un huerto latino en el noroeste de los estados unidos? Parte 2 – Los Ajíes

Los ajíes marcan la comida Latina.  Ajíes son de América.  Antes de marcar la comida tailandes, hindu, o europeo las indígenas de este continente ya comían y cultivaban ajíes.  Y son muchos los ajíes, muchas variedades.  Escribir aquí en un blog post no es suficiente, que se puede escribir muchos volúmenes en este asunto.   CultivarContinue reading “¿Cómo hacer un huerto latino en el noroeste de los estados unidos? Parte 2 – Los Ajíes”

Recado, or recao, or recaito. A seasoning blend/marinade that is a great way to use fresh ingredients to give your food great flavor.

This blend can go by a lot of names. My mother in law sometimes just calls it “una mescla” or a mix. It can also vary in ingredients and quantities based on taste or availability. This is how we made it recently, but you can add/adjust according to your preferences and what you have. WithContinue reading “Recado, or recao, or recaito. A seasoning blend/marinade that is a great way to use fresh ingredients to give your food great flavor.”

Blossom End Rot

Blossom End Rot (BER) is a common problem with plants in the nightshade family, which happen to be some of the most popular garden plants.  These include tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant.  BER is not a fungal or bacterial disease, but rather a calcium imbalance.   We just lost two poblano peppers due to BER.  It’s kindContinue reading “Blossom End Rot”

Native Plant Spotlight – Jerusalem Artichoke

This Pennsylvania Native is not from Jerusalem, nor is it an artichoke.  It is, however, a lovely perennial with edible tubers. Sometimes referred to as a sunchoke its scientific name is Helianthus Tuberosus.  The flowers strongly resemble sunflowers, or another PA native, the Ox-Eye Sunflower.  It’s a great addition to those aiming for an edibleContinue reading “Native Plant Spotlight – Jerusalem Artichoke”

Do-Nothing Farming

There are a lot of philosophies out there in regard to agriculture, gardening, and food production.  I’m enjoying learning about each of them, everything from permaculture to the square foot gardening method to biodynamic gardening.  I had not heard of Do-Nothing or natural farming until I came across this article on healyourlife.  The story ofContinue reading “Do-Nothing Farming”

Weekly Nursery Update – June 26

On Saturday of last week we left on vacation and stayed through Wednesday morning, so not a lot happened in the nursery.  The vacation was great.  We went to a cabin on Edinboro Lake in Edinboro, PA.  It was a great getaway.  We were able to kayak, swim, fish, birdwatch, and much more. We stayedContinue reading “Weekly Nursery Update – June 26”