2022 Plant Sale – Now concluded!

Our 2022 Plant sale is now over. Thank you for your support and we look forward to offering many new plants next year! We now have plants ready for sale.  Right now we only recommend you buy cold hardy plants, unless you have a cold frame or other way to keep tender plants, like tomatoes,Continue reading “2022 Plant Sale – Now concluded!”

Book Review – Flower Confidential by Amy Stewart

Amy Stewart’s Flower Confidential: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful in the Business of Flowers is an incredibly entertaining and informative book on an industry that most of us, well at least me, knew nothing about and pretty much took for granted.  The cut flower industry has rich lessons in history, economics, botany, biology,Continue reading “Book Review – Flower Confidential by Amy Stewart”

Book Review – Taming Fruit:  How orchards have transformed the land, offered sanctuary, and inspired creativity by Bernd Brunner

I’ve gone through several gardening books since the last post in the winter gardening book review series, but none of them were right for writing a review.  Not that they were bad books, but they were reference books that don’t lead to much to review.  They were useful if you needed them, but hardly theContinue reading “Book Review – Taming Fruit:  How orchards have transformed the land, offered sanctuary, and inspired creativity by Bernd Brunner”

Book Review – Good Bug, Bad Bug by Jessica Walliser

Good Bug, Bad Bug: Who’s who, what they do, and how to manage them organically (all you need to know about insects in your garden) by Jessica Walliser is a handy reference guide to common insects that you may encounter in your garden.  While the title is a mouthful, the book itself is quite compactContinue reading “Book Review – Good Bug, Bad Bug by Jessica Walliser”

Winter Book Review Series 2021-2021

Stuck inside thinking about getting out into the garden?  Here at Meneely farms we’re in the same predicament.  While we can’t get into the garden as much as we  like right now, not all is lost.  Winter is a great time to gain knowledge, prepare for the next season, and enjoy garden fantasies. Reading gardening/permaculture/growingContinue reading “Winter Book Review Series 2021-2021”

Nursery/Garden Update 10/8/2021

Gardening season has still been going strong due to great weather.  We’re still pumping out peppers, a few tomatoes, and our basil even still looks pretty good.  We’ve also acquired some new shrubs that will be available for sale next spring.  Other than that, we’re kind of winding down the garden and setting our sightsContinue reading “Nursery/Garden Update 10/8/2021”

Weekly Garden/Nursery Update September 17th and What can you do with a ton of peppers?

Greetings.  I’m hoping the gardening season continues to treat you well.  Here at the garden/nursery some things are wrapping up, like tomato season.  We have a few tomatoes still on really raggedy and blighted plants, and probably once those ripen that will be it for the year as far as tomatoes go.  Peppers are stillContinue reading “Weekly Garden/Nursery Update September 17th and What can you do with a ton of peppers?”

¿Qué hacer con una abundancia de ajíes?

Este año tenemos el maravilloso problema de tener demasiados ajíes. ¡Sí, yo sé, pobre nosotros!  Pero, los he cultivado de semilla, he cuidado las plantas, y quiero utilizarlos bien. He dado unos ajíes a familia, vecinos, y amigos, pero, la mayoría de ellos tienen sus propias plantas que obtuvieron de nuestro vivero, así que tienenContinue reading “¿Qué hacer con una abundancia de ajíes?”

Nursery/Garden Update Sept 3rd

This is my favorite time of year.  No, not because of pumpkin spice, but yes because of spice.  We’ve been rolling in peppers!  I’ve been runny nosed and teary eyed at every meal, not because of Covid or anything like that, but rather from habaneros, jalapenos, thai dragons, and all kinds of spicy treats.  MyContinue reading “Nursery/Garden Update Sept 3rd”

Nursery/Garden Update August 6, 2021

I love this time of year!  I love fresh home grown tomatoes, peppers, blackberries, and more.  We are getting all of those from our garden and more.  I am very grateful for this abundance, which is better than just calories to sustain us.  It is healthy, nutritious, and tasty food that keeps us healthy inContinue reading “Nursery/Garden Update August 6, 2021”