South Hills Spotlight – South Park Demonstration Garden (from the Penn State Extension)

After living in the South Hills most of my life, and now having lived about 5 minutes away from South Park for over a decade, I’m still discovering new things around here.  I was taking my girls to a new summer camp the GPS took me down McConkey Rd, which I’ve never been down before, and over to the side was a very large garden.  On the way back from dropping off the girls, I had to stop by and check out this lovely public garden.  

It was pretty awesome!  There were plants edible, ornamental, and native.  There were trees, shrubs, and flowers.  There was a composting setup, space to walk around, and a couple garden features.  There was a pollinator friendly garden.  There were informative signs and many plants were labeled.  

One of the signs mentioned the garden is staffed on Tuesday evenings.  I will make it out there one of these Tuesdays to see if they need any volunteers and to just shoot the breeze.  

I don’t know how I’ve never happened upon this garden before, but I was thrilled to have found it.  It is actually right behind a parking lot on Corrigan Dr., so it’s a great place to park, take in the garden, then hit Corrigan for a walk.  Or do what I did and take the hiking trail up into the woods at the end of that parking lot.  Yet another great treasure in the South Hills

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Gardener passionate about organic gardening, fresh food, sustainable landscaping, home brewing, and much more! Our nursery also includes my wife and 2 kids. We work together, learn together, and travel together. My wife is Panamanian and we try to grow lots of good Latin American ingedients. We live in Baldwin, Pennsylvania in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.

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