Local Business Spotlight – Chapon’s Greenhouse

We didn’t propagate any annual ornamentals this year, and actually, short of sunflowers and marigolds we rarely ever do.  But no need to fret, in the South Hills of Pittsburgh we are blessed with an abundance of excellent local nurseries to choose from.  Last year I got my flowers from the incredible Martin’s Flowers and Shrubs.  In years past we’ve hit many great local nurseries, and all of them are unique, have great selections, and are an experience to visit.  Just in a short radius to me is Martin’s, Meder’s Garden Center, Dupree’s Root 88 Flower and Garden Center, and Trax Farms Market, just to name a few.  I can (and do) spend lots of time and money in each of these businesses, and in no way is my choosing to review Chapon’s a statement of preference; all of these places have amazing selections, great physical locations, and passionate and helpful staff.  

This year due to the fact that we were heading in that direction we decided to patronize Chapon’s Greenhouses.  Nestled in a valley along Streets Run Rd in Baldwin, Chapon’s is a grand nursery business that can supply all of your gardening needs.  We went on the Saturday a week before Memorial Day Weekend, and it was super crowded.  We had to wait for a car to leave to park, but that didn’t take very long.  

Chapon’s is actually not far from where I grew up, and actually my earliest nursery memories were of going there with my parents.  Sitting in the valley along the stream like it does, going to Chapon’s feels like a trip to the country, but it is right in Baldwin and about 5 or 10 minutes from the South Side.  

Chapons has a large greenhouse area, an indoor store, and an even larger outdoor area. This time of year the greenhouse was loaded with annuals, hanging baskets, groundcovers, and a very large selection of herbs and veggies.  In the greenhouse there are also houseplants, orchids, bonsai, and associated supplies for all of those specialty plants.  The greenhouse also houses many decorative planters, statues, and garden decorations.  Inside the store is everything from flags to grass seed, and outdoors there are trees and perennials.  

Chapons also sells bulk and bagged supplies such as potting mix, top soil, mulch, and much more.  Additional services they provide are landscape design, delivery and installation, pest and disease identification and management, and planter design.  

I was very happy with the annuals I got from Chapon’s.  They were healthy with lots of brilliant color options.  I personally love spending time shopping at Chapon’s.  If you are in the South Hills, pay them a visit.  Heck, if you’re not in the South Hills it’s still worth a drive.  A great location, great selection, knowledgeable and friendly staff, what more could you ask for?  I highly recommend Chapon’s Greenhouse for all of your gardening needs.        

Published by scottmeneely

Gardener passionate about organic gardening, fresh food, sustainable landscaping, home brewing, and much more! Our nursery also includes my wife and 2 kids. We work together, learn together, and travel together. My wife is Panamanian and we try to grow lots of good Latin American ingedients. We live in Baldwin, Pennsylvania in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.

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