Nursery Update – 9/18/2020

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done an update!  Perhaps weekly is a bit too much for what we’ve got going on right now.  There are a couple of new things going on, but none is too exciting.  

The biggest announcement is that we got a greenhouse.  It’s a small walk-in greenhouse situated against the back of our house. It should be a great supplement to what we do indoors and in the garden.  It has six shelves and some floor room, and I’m thinking of fashioning some hanging planters along the back wall too (something similar to the picture below).  What will it be used for?  Well, in the near term to bring our peppers in on chilly nights.  There are a few nights this weekend when the forecast says that temperatures will dip down to 42 degrees.  While this might not be a killing frost, those temperatures certainly won’t aid the growth of the peppers that are left on the plants, including a poblano plant with quite a few medium sized poblanos that I’d like to see through to maturity.  The next thing I’m going to be doing in the greenhouse is growing greens, and trying to grow them right through the winter.  I’ve got some kale and lettuce started, and plan to do some mustard greens too.  Another thing I’ll be temporarily doing is extending the season on some potted basil and rosemary I have.  Why not?  After true winter gets here I will be using most of the space for potted trees.  

Vertical pouches with plants growing out of each one.
Placing something like this along the back wall of the greenhouse will allow for much more intensive growing.

I’ve ordered bare root flowering dogwood trees that I plan on potting and nurturing over the winter to sell in the spring.  I’ve also propagated a few Japanese maples for the same purpose.  While these are northern deciduous trees, being they are in pots I will keep them in the milder temperature of the greenhouse.  

Photograph of small greenhouse with mostly empty shelves against a house wall.
The new greenhouse. It’s not the biggest greenhouse, but it will help us extend our season and take some potted trees through the winter.

When spring rolls around I’ll most certainly be using the greenhouse for seedlings, but I will still be starting most of my seedlings inside under lights.  It will be nice to have the option of moving the flats outside on nice days and turning off the lights and reducing electric consumption. I’m pretty excited! 

That’s about what’s been going on.  Wishing you all health in safety during these challenging times!    

Published by scottmeneely

Gardener passionate about organic gardening, fresh food, sustainable landscaping, home brewing, and much more! Our nursery also includes my wife and 2 kids. We work together, learn together, and travel together. My wife is Panamanian and we try to grow lots of good Latin American ingedients. We live in Baldwin, Pennsylvania in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.

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