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We aim to provide you with quality plants propagated and raised right here in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. If there is any information you can’t find on our website, please reach out to us through either phone or email. ¡Se habla español! We have concluded our 2021 sales. We will be back in the spring of 2022 with more veggie starts as well as landscaping shrubs, perennials, and more.

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Weekly Garden/Nursery Update September 17th and What can you do with a ton of peppers?

Greetings.  I’m hoping the gardening season continues to treat you well.  Here at the garden/nursery some things are wrapping up, like tomato season.  We have a few tomatoes still on really raggedy and blighted plants, and probably once those ripen that will be it for the year as far as tomatoes go.  Peppers are stillContinue reading “Weekly Garden/Nursery Update September 17th and What can you do with a ton of peppers?”

Nursery/Garden Update Sept 3rd

This is my favorite time of year.  No, not because of pumpkin spice, but yes because of spice.  We’ve been rolling in peppers!  I’ve been runny nosed and teary eyed at every meal, not because of Covid or anything like that, but rather from habaneros, jalapenos, thai dragons, and all kinds of spicy treats.  MyContinue reading “Nursery/Garden Update Sept 3rd”

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